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At Weston Financial, wealth management begins with a personalized financial plan and is the foundation for structuring your portfolio. An experienced financial counselor will implement your plan by leveraging an open platform of thoroughly researched, best-of-breed investment managers. As part of our relationship with you, we continually monitor your plan to ensure that it aligns with your goals at all times. And as your goals evolve and market conditions change, we adjust your plan and ultimately your asset allocation accordingly.

Strategic Planning

Many investment advisors start with a portfolio; Weston Financial starts with the plan. The investments actually come last. Why? Because to implement investments, you need to have the direction and context of a well thought out, personalized plan.

  • We define and prioritize your personal life goals, including housing and lifestyle aspirations, asset accumulation for future generations, retirement objectives, and philanthropic considerations.
  • We identify and evaluate available resources that can help you achieve your goals. These include liquid assets, and assets with risks or tax implications upon liquidation, such as stock options, low-cost-basis securities, and retirement plans.
  • We align your goals and resources to develop a series of models and strategies based on different possible future scenarios.

We provide you with a custom analysis and portfolio design, based on time horizon and goal-oriented investing strategies. To implement the design, we make recommendations for appropriate best-of-breed investment managers in each asset class. By following a disciplined process that matches your goals and risk tolerance with the proper resources, Weston Financial develops comprehensive investment strategies to help you realize your goals and dreams.

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Income Tax Management

It's not what you make, it's what you keep. The reduction of income taxes is an important tool in the planning process. Weston Financial understands the impact that taxes can have on returns. Our experienced counselors concentrate on creating a tax-efficient portfolio for you in order to produce greater after-tax returns. Toward this end, we do the following:

  • Maximize tax-free and tax-deferred returns,
  • Calculate and plan for realized capital gains,
  • Harvest capital losses when appropriate,
  • Provide alternative minimum tax analysis, and
  • Develop tax-efficient stock option strategies.

In addition, tax management techniques may include:

  • Utilization of Roth conversion rules,
  • Recapture of AMT credits from prior years,
  • Generation of ordinary loss through surrender of non-qualified retail annuity,
  • Maximization of business losses, and
  • Creation of self employed retirement plans.

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Risk Management

Ongoing risk management is an important element of an efficient portfolio. With an eye toward protecting your principal and balancing your stated goals with your tolerance for risk, we do the following:

  • Diversify your investment portfolio among different asset classes,
  • Access individual managers that use different styles,
  • Achieve more consistent returns and a lower level of volatility through asset classes with low correlation to one another, and
  • Monitor the financial markets, your changing circumstances and the economic and political environment to proactively assess their potential impact on your portfolio.

Risks exist beyond your portfolio. At Weston Financial, we plan from every angle and recommend strategies to shift risk.

  • Health Care - Long Term Care Insurance,
  • Liability - shift asset ownership,
  • Protecting the estate from taxes - gifts, leveraged tax strategies and life insurance trusts,
  • Outliving assets - annuities, and
  • Inflation - inflation-protected bonds, hard assets.

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Retirement Planning

Weston Financial will assist clients by helping them define their life aspirations. Many times this conversation includes retirement planning or financial independence planning. Financial independence certainly is a state of mind and often we find that while a client is financially independent on paper, they may not “believe the numbers”, especially during a volatile time in the markets. Therefore we spend time to build a series of models that can be revised based upon assumptions within the clients comfort zone.

Based upon a solid understanding of a clients life experiences, family structure, long term goals and current resources, Weston Financial will utilize client conversations to establish a portfolio to sustain a lifestyle without a paycheck, essentially defining financial independence.

Defining a financially independent lifestyle includes the following:

  • Cash flow management,
  • Asset allocation based upon time frame management,
  • Income stream management,
  • Portfolio rebalancing, and
  • Income tax management.

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Estate Planning

What does having an estate plan mean to you? Enjoying a set of well drafted legal documents or a plan to reduce your estate tax liability? All of these elements are important but perhaps insufficient for peace of mind.

At Weston Financial we have experienced that the only constant is change and the rate of change has never been greater. Your estate plan was completed at a fixed point in time and we recognize that the critical planning context, your perspective, has also changed over time.

We view our children differently as adults and parents then we did as children. We also recognize change in our own beliefs and priorities. It is not only the investment markets and our career paths that change, or the size and composition of our Balance Sheets, but we appreciate the potential impact of changing tax laws, and political and economic forces.

Therefore, if several years have gone by, it is again time to review your estate plan and Weston Financial will bring the strategic, planning, tax and legal skills together, to achieve your purpose now.

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Philanthropic Planning

Having wealth comes with responsibility. The responsibility of deploying assets efficiently to both family members and charity is challenging. At Weston Financial, based upon client goals, a philanthropic plan is developed utilizing appropriate and effective strategies. Each business and interest rate cycle provides opportunities; and each new administration adds and detracts from charitable possibilities with new tax laws.

Consider the use of:

  • GRAT (Grantor Retained Annuity Trust)
  • QPRT (Qualified Personal Residence Trust)
  • ILIT (Irrevocable Life Insurance Trusts)

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Investment Management

At Weston Financial we concentrate on personalized, objective asset management and proactive service to help you protect your principal and achieve your goals. We do this through an open investment platform called NetworkOneTM, which enables us to:

  • Offer you best-of-breed investment managers and strategies to help you realize your financial goals,
  • Consolidate accounting and reporting across all investment managers managed by Weston Financial, making it easy to review one integrated picture of your portfolio,
  • Leverage multiple sources to deliver a fully diversified set of strategies in domestic and international equity, domestic and international fixed income, and alternative investments, and 
  • Access these strategies through different formats such as separately managed accounts, mutual funds, and exchange traded funds (ETFs)

Weston Financial is the investment adviser to New Century Portfolios, a Registered Investment Company.

New Century Portfolios offers a unique and effective investment option – actively managed portfolios of mutual funds and ETF’s. Market timing and overexposure to investment trends are avoided by investing in solidly managed mutual funds with market wide diversification, strong performance while striving to reduce risks.


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